Bella Signature Design featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine

Bella Signature Design Grace Ormonde
FABULOUS things happen when you get to design to your heart’s content.  You would think that happens more often, but usually as a designer, our creation is designed for the client, with their passions, ideas and wishes in mind – we are after all, commissioned to create something for them – even though it always a bit of “us” in it.  So to get one parameter “Use a cultural wedding as an inspiration” and get to design whatever I wanted?  SIGN ME UP!  Of course, I’ve always LOVED Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style Magazine.  It’s glossy, oversized pages feature glamorous, over the top inspiring decor… yes, its part fantasy, part reality, part inspiration – just like the catwalks of Paris fashion week!  Will most brides have every table at their reception look like the tabletops seen in Wedding Style?  Most likely not – but here at Bella, we find that brides are inspired by these pages, and often have a headtable in similar lush style, if not the whole wedding in a slightly simpler version.  After all, its your wedding, and if you can, go for it!

We were lucky enough to be invited by Grace herself to do a table for her recent Book Tour up in Vancouver – nothing like designing a table for one of Grace’s events!  The most exciting part was that I got to do whatever I wanted – so I feel like this is truly a reflection of my style, my passion…more proof that when you stick to what you believe in, what you love, you create something you can be proud of. From  the color palette, the use of very modern pieces yet ornate linens, and the use of sexy, lush blooms…this tabletop is very “ME.” What do you think?”Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Tabletop Bella Signature DesignGrace Ormonde Wedding Style 2010

Wedding Style magazine Bella Signature

Thank you both to the amazing Reine Mithla (whose photo ended up published) who I adore and wrote about in Bella’s ravings about Reine, and the talented Melissa Gidney, who also recently blogged about us on her blog!  Love all around!

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  1. Jasmine* says:

    LOVE IT!! Congrats, Daniela! Well deserved…

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow Daniela! This is gorgeous!

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